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Three games in, what strikes you about the dual giants and the Pelicans’ struggles?

Remember just a few weeks ago when Justin Thomas seemed primed to rise up, contend with all these names, and make a run at Player of the Year? It¡¯s been a rough go of it since JT returned to the Lower 48 from his two wins in Hawaii. He¡¯s missed two cuts in three starts since, and made the cut on the number in his one bit of weekend play at Riviera. If he ejects early this week, he might drop from our rankings altogether next week despite his three PGA Tour wins on the wraparound season.
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Three games in, what strikes you about the dual giants and the Pelicans’ struggles?

FLANNERY: It’s going to take some time, of course. Both Boogie and Anthony Davis are used to having everything run through them. Turns out that’s not possible when they’re both on the court. There’s a natural adjustment period that needs to take place and the Pels, frankly, don’t have that kind of time.

For reasons known only to the highest echelons of Benson Tower, they have been under pressure to make the playoffs since the dawn of the franchise. That’s led to a number of shortsighted moves whose bill still hasn’t come due ¡ª hi, Omer Asik and Alexis Ajinca ¡ª and an incomplete roster.

It¡¯s Game 7 of the Eastern Conference semifinals in a possible Celtics-Hawks matchup. The teams are jockeying back and forth, and Dwight Howard soars into the air for a two-handed alley-oop finish.
Limited Andre Burakovsky Jersey
But because he held onto the rim an extra 0.78 seconds, he¡¯s assessed a technical foul. Howard was already part of a double-technical earlier in the game. Now, Atlanta¡¯s best rim protector and finisher is out of the game while Boston rallies back to to win down the stretch.

All because an official got it wrong and tossed Howard out of the game. Does that make sense?

Remember the time Al Harrington cost the Knicks two games in one season as a result of technical fouls called for rim hangs? Granted, the old adage goes ¡°Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me,¡± but those technical foul calls directly influenced the outcome twice ¡ª against the same team no less.

Matt Elam arrested in Miami on marijuana, oxycodone possession charges

Baltimore Ravens safety Matt Elam was arrested on drug charges Saturday night in Miami, according to Miami-Dade police.

Elam, a 2013 first-round pick, was charged with one count of cannabis possession, one count of possession of cannabis with intent to sell or deliver, one count of possession of a controlled substance and one count of reckless driving, police said. He is currently being held on a $15,500 bond.

Elam was arrested at 7:16 p.m. Saturday after his dark blue Range Rover passed an unmarked police car “at a high rate of speed” and swerved into the lane in front of the police car, causing its driver to pump the brakes in order to avoid a collision, according to charging documents. He then almost struck vehicles in front of him by following too closely, according to police.
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Matt Elam’s Ravens career can be summed up like this: He couldn’t stay in the starting lineup, couldn’t stay healthy and couldn’t stay out of trouble.
D.J. Fluker Authentic Jersey After police attempted to conduct a traffic stop, Elam continued to accelerate and failed to yield immediately “in attempt to evade detectives,” police said. Once Elam pulled over, police detected a strong odor of freshly burning marijuana and a big cloud of smoke emitting from inside the vehicle.

A search revealed a Gucci book bag on the floor of the driver’s side that included 126.2 grams of marijuana, six oxycodone pills weighing 3.1 grams, $947, a Rolex, a men’s necklace with white stones and a men’s bracelet with white stones.

One of Elam’s passengers, Calvin Stewart, possessed a loaded semi-automatic pistol in his waistband area. Stewart told police he didn’t have a permit to carry a concealed weapon.

Police said they were patrolling that area because of recent robberies and burglaries in the area.

The 32nd overall pick in the draft four years ago, Elam is scheduled to become a free agent next month. The Ravens declined to pick up his fifth-year option a year ago.

Rashad Jennings: ‘I’ve got a chip on my shoulder’

The New York Giants jettisoned running back Rashad Jennings early last week, ending his three-year run with the team.

On NFL Network’s Good Morning Football on Thursday, Jennings was asked if he could see the writing on the wall in the Big Apple.

“Well, I mean, could I see it coming? You always have that possibility,” he said. “You could kind of see a rotation in the backfield and how we were operating that that was a possibility that could be strong. Obviously, I’m a vet in the game and I kind of see it from the business standpoint.

“But where I’m at right now, I’m excited, you know? Free agent, you know, healthy. I’m down in Florida already training, trying to get ready for a team to call me. I always say my job every single year is to make one GM right and that’s no doubt what I’ll be doing this upcoming season.”

The standout from that list is Ryans, who played 10 seasons in the NFL as a linebacker with the Houston Texans and Philadelphia Eagles before spending 2016 out of football. Ryans’ career included a hot start in Houston from 2006-2009, a stretch during which he was named AP Defensive Rookie of the Year (2006), first-team All-Pro (2007) and twice named to the Pro Bowl (2007, 2009).

From there, Ryans went to Philadelphia, where he was effective in his first two seasons as an Eagle but saw his production drop off in 2014 and 2015, with much of the blame due to age and injuries. Ryans was cut in February of 2016 after a switch to the 4-3 left one less inside linebacker position available.

Over the 30-year-old barrier, Jennings will have to wait out the market before landing in an ideal spot. With the NFL draft deep at the running back position this year, many teams are likely to go with younger, cheaper talent. Even at 32, Jennings won’t have as many carries on his tires as other backs his age and could provide a veteran backup in the right situation.

Is Michigan State CB/WR Tony Lippett the next Richard Sherman?

Youth Indianapolis Colts Jersey Michigan State receiver Tony Lippett stands 6’2, weighs in at 192 pounds and has nearly 33 inch arms. The standout Spartan is one of the few, if any, players at the 2016 NFL Combine who played both offense and defense this past season, and he’s one of the few who still may not know his true NFL position.

Aaron Rodgers Authentic Jersey Let’s take a quick trip down memory lane.

League sources told ESPN’s Chris Haynes that the Pelicans are now seeking a trade partner for forward Terrence Jones, a mutual decision on behalf of the team and Jones’ camp.

The Los Angeles Lakers also were engaged in Cousins trade talks with the Kings but felt Sacramento’s asking price was too high, a source told Shelburne. The Kings told the Lakers that without 2016 No. 2 overall pick Brandon Ingram, they weren’t interested. Sources say talks didn’t progress much further than that.

The Kings get a player with a lot of potential in the 6-foot-4 Hield, although he has been inconsistent during his rookie season out of Oklahoma, where as a senior he was one of the best players in the nation.

Hield is averaging 8.6 points but has been explosive at times, with a season high of 21 points. The 6-foot-6 Evans, who can play point guard, shooting guard or small forward, will be entering a second stint in Sacramento, where he was drafted in 2009 and went on to be rookie of the year. Galloway has been a solid reserve, providing scoring punch from the perimeter.

The 6-foot-9 Casspi has been playing about 19 minutes per game for the Kings this season, averaging 5.9 points and 4.1 rebounds.

Bob Huggins kept coaching after his defibrillator went off against Texas

Elite Brett Favre Jersey West Virginia¡¦s Bob Huggins fell to his knees in pain late in the first half against Texas on Monday night. The 63-year-old coach grabbed his chest and took a minute to regain his composure while surrounded by his team. Huggins eventually got up and finished out the game, presiding over a 77-62 win for the Mountaineers.

Rivera added, ¡°He brought great energy and leadership to our locker room and I wish him the best.¡±

Tolbert certainly did bring great energy, as displayed by the many dances his did during his tenure with the team.

SB Nation¡¯s Panthers blog Cat Scratch Reader indicates that Tolbert had been on the decline when it came to his play on the field, and now Darrel Young and Devon Johnson will have their opportunities at fullback.

If there¡¯s outrage from some Carolina fans over the release of Tolbert, now you know why. Their favorite dancing fullback is now going to either find a new home in 2017, or dance his way into retirement.

On second-and-long, the Mountaineers would run to set up third-and-manageable. If it didn’t work, they would run the ball on third-and-long to set up a more manageable punt. They avoided risk and leaned on efficiency, and while that caught up to them against Tennessee, it rarely backfired the rest of the way.

Elite Arian Foster Jersey After averaging 3.4 yards per carry through three games, Moore averaged 6.8 per carry over the final nine games of the regular season. He rushed for 257 yards against Akron and posted eight games of 100 yards or more.

Hughes threw his full repertoire of pitches during a bullpen session on Wednesday.

Not surprisingly, the Indians didn’t spend the winter licking their proverbial wounds. The signing of Encarnacion was the headliner, as he will replace Mike Napoli at first base. Just as the Blue Jays had to weigh the marginal loss of replacing Encarnacion with Morales, the Indians had to weigh the worth of their own marginal upgrade.

When you factor in Encarnacion’s durability — he played 160 games last season — he should be as much an upgrade over Napoli as Morales represents a downgrade to Encarnacion for Toronto. In other words, while they had to pay handsomely to do it, the Indians seem to have come out well ahead in power-bat juggling during the offseason.

That said, there is a case to be made that it won’t make that much of a difference. The Indians finished fifth in the big leagues in runs as it was. Encarnacion is 34 and had a spike in strikeout rate last season, and he certainly won’t upgrade the defense. Plus, if Cleveland is fortunate enough to get back to the World Series, Terry Francona will again have to decide how to get Carlos Santana into the lineup in the NL park, and, if Michael Brantley is healthy, sticking him in left won’t seem as good an option.
Authentic Mens Kris Draper Jersey
Hughes threw his full repertoire of pitches during a bullpen session on Wednesday.

Elite Womens Kendall Wright Jersey “So far, so good,” Hughes said. “I still have a ways to go before I might feel the full effects of it. I feel it is something I won’t have a good gauge on until I throw at least three or four innings in a game situation.”

Hughes is 84-76 in 10 major league seasons, including 28-26 with the Twins. He was the Twins’ Opening Day starter in 2015 but was sidelined for a month starting in mid-August because of lower-back inflammation.

Minnesota is expected to rebound as it comes off a 59-103 season, the franchise’s worst record since the Washington Senators went 50-104 in 1949.

Tiger Woods passed that milestone nearly two months ago.

Mclaughin picked up Bienna and squeezed her, then put her down and headed to the middle of the ring for the requisite photo next to the basket of yellow flowers. Winning meant that Bienna and Mclaughlin would be going on to the big event at Madison Square Garden on Tuesday night, where they’d compete for Best in Show. I thought of the greatness that lay ahead, and asked Mclaughlin how she felt.

“For Bienna, being only three months out of having puppies, and this being only her second show since September of last year?” Mclaughlin shook her head. “She showed like a rock star.”

I asked if Bienna had a statement. Mclaughlin bent down to pet her, and, I’m guessing, listen to what she had to say.

“She says, ‘Thank you so much,” Mclaughlin translated. “Thank you, so much, to all my fans.”

But he’s not even one of the guys anymore, what with the youth brigade inspired by his take-no-prisoners play as they were growing up. He simply can’t compete with the best who are now outdriving and outplaying him at every opportunity.

Though speaking of himself, one of those young guns may have been sending his mentor a less-than-subtle message when he spoke of his own back woes during a pre-Genesis press conference.

“The moment I don’t want to improve and I don’t want to play to win tournaments is the moment that I’ll walk away and I’ll be happy with it because I just can’t keep fighting myself about it,” top-ranked Jason Day said on Tuesday from Riviera. “So hopefully I can stay healthy and get to 40.”

Tiger Woods passed that milestone nearly two months ago.